Clay Buchholz and peripherals
June 11th, 2011 by czar

Buchholz’s 2011 K/BB, while not otherworldly, (1.96 over 77.2 IP) is the highest for any season since his 22 IP in 2007. It has been 3.80 since that whole rain-delayed ordeal against the Twins at the beginning of May. To put that into perspective, he has only had one month in his entire career with a K/BB > 2.50 (2.91 in Sept 2009). His K/9 (7.8) has been a full strikeout and a half better than his 09-10 average. Since the Fangraphs “Buchholz, Don’t Buy Low,” piece (5/4), his SwStr% is a hair below 10% (which lines up nicely with boosted K/9). During this same stretch, his xFIP is south of 3.40 and his FIP is near 3, both almost a full run below his career averages.

Even including that clunker against Oakland, he is in the midst of the best 7-8 game run (peripherally) of his career. This is interesting, because I’d argue it doesn’t FEEL that way; especially when you consider a couple of the stretches he had last year. I think the key difference has to do with the fact that he’s been succeeding greatly (lately) without the aid of huge BABIP/xBABIP splits or criminally low HR/FB rates this time around. Ideally, this should project a lot more confidence in Buchholz going forward as well as help continue to dampen the “REGRESSION!!!111″ crowd that was so vocal during his first few starts of 2011.

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