Lowrie, DH?
May 10th, 2011 by czar

Or, since it’s Lowrie’s bat we’re trying to get in the lineup and his glove we’re trying to get out, maybe he spends more time as the post-Papi DH than Youk and AG. At the very least, he’s in that mix.

The issue is, for every Jed Lowrie who can OPS @ DH ~0.800, there are probably five Luke Scotts who can do the same thing better and cheaper.

Lowrie as a DH isn’t really an option. I’m honestly not as disgusted with Lowrie’s play at SS as others because I don’t think he’s quantifiably burned us as much as people think this year. But regardless what I think– if the Sox come to the conclusion that he just can’t play 3B or SS adequately, I’d rather trade him to some IF-needy team than use him at DH on a regular or even semi-regular basis. At least there they can get some value in return (especially if he finishes 2011 anywhere near the marks he is at now) and then figure out how to allocate their resources to rearrange the IF (whether that is sign a no-field, all-hit DH or sign a mid-hit, all-field 1B and move Gonzalez to DH– whatever).

Lowrie as the DH just seems like a sub-optimal solution unless he turns out to be an amazing hitter and a horrendous defender but he probably won’t reach either extreme in the spectrum.

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