On Ellsbury’s worth
June 1st, 2010 by czar

Talent like Ellsbury’s (and he’s just on the verge of becoming a superstar, I think) doesn’t grow on trees.

Provide objective evidence. Well, at least define “superstar,” then provide evidence, I suppose. I think Ellsbury has tremendous value to this team, but arguing that he’s at the threshold of being one of the top 2 or 3 players at his position in the league (what I think of as a “superstar”) is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

Do the Red Sox treat long term core guys [Beckett, Lester, Pedroia, etc.] vs. short term commitments [Cameron, Schilling], and break-down potential guys [Papelbon, Wake, etc.] differently?  I would argue Jacoby isn’t in the Sox long term plans and they don’t think he has break-down potential from this injury, they probably realize Boras wont let us buy out free agent years and he will get a free agent offer > than the Sox calculated value.

I can speak to their medical evaluation of him, too much he said she said going on, but its interesting that the Sox long-term commitment guys very rarely think they are misdiagnosed by the team, whereas there is some evidence of this with other players.

Jacoby Ellsbury is under contract through the end of 2013. Even if the Red Sox flat out refuse to deal with Boras/Ellsbury when he’s a FA, they still have him for the next 3.6 years. To say he’s not in the same long-term plans (your examples: Lester is 2013 + option, Pedroia is 2014 + option, Beckett is now 2014) is probably putting too much stock in the “blockbuster trade around Ellsbury” hopes some lean on. Barring a significant upgrade falling into our lap or a major trade, he’s going to be here awhile, so insinuating that there is some correlation with injury diagnosis/treatment and how the Sox value their players is probably a bit of a stretch, at least with the information publicly available.

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