The 2010 SS, JJ Hardy and Jed Lowrie?
October 12th, 2009 by czar

The 2010 shortstop?  I wanted to write something about this earlier, but didn’t have time to dig up anything other than a post that said “JJ Hardy.” Even with an absolute clunker of a season this year, he still put up a 6.1 UZR/150 and was worth 1.5 WAR.

It’s somewhat distressing that his HR/FB rate dropped precipitously this year (8.3 from 14.1% in 2008) and his LD% has been slipping every year since he entered the league, but as a two-year flier (he’s a 2011 FA now (I believe) due to being sent down before September, but Cot’s hasn’t updated service time; so he might have squeaked out eligibility after 2010 because of the ST rules) at ~$4-5 million per, he’d be a pretty great gamble that could be had for pretty much nothing in terms of prospects (honestly, it sounds like MLW wants to move him so bad that they’d cover part of his salary, too).

In 2010, I’d go with Lowrie as Plan A, because it typically takes a long time to get over wrist injuries and I suspect he’ll be a superior hitter once he does.

I can’t fathom having Lowrie as Plan A in 2009 (although nearly a quarter of the voters in the poll feel otherwise). I know the prospect brigade has been citing MLE’s for a healthy season and a half down on the farm, but aside from the fact that he was relatively injury-prone in the minors, he’s had 4 (related) wrist injuries now in the last 2 seasons that have prevented him from playing at anywhere near a ML caliber level for a prolonged period of time.

Counting on him for even 100 games next year seems foolish; I would be ecstatic if he was plan B or C and game roaring out of the gate in April and stole the job; but under no circumstances can someone argue that it’s the most probable outcome.

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