Buchholz vs. Bowden, part I…
October 29th, 2008 by czar

I’d rather deal Buchholz than Bowden.  Bowden has the better stuff and will probably have the better career.

Seriously? I don’t know if you’ll find one baseball scout that will say Bowden’s stuff > Buchholz. Buchholz has two plus pitches (change and curve) and, at worst, his fastball should be average. Bowden has a 4 seam fastball in the low 90′s– not a detriment, but not a mind-blowing part of an arsenal, a circle change that shows signs (but isn’t there yet) of being a plus pitch, and an average curveball.

Other than Buchholz’s issues in Boston this year; he has put up far superior numbers to Bowden at every level of the minors– Bowden’s advantage being his age. If I had to take my chance on one of them; it would be the one with the higher ceiling.

Bowden has ace stuff!  Admittedly, I’ve only seen him pitch at the big league level, but he was good; and Buchholz’s 2007 has me a bit jaded.

Bowden: Bowden projects as an efficient number three type starter, eating innings and throwing strikes. He reminds me of Jeff Suppan.


Sub-par year? Other than the major leagues (with Bowden’s n = 1 sample size); Buchholz’s 2008 minor league stats dwarfed Bowden‘s. Of course; everyone sees his 6 ERA in the bigs (not his 4 and change FIP) and thinks he fell to the Sox #8 prospect this year.

This is not to put down Bowden; I still would rather hold onto him. But this “what have you done lately” attitude toward prospects is the reason why Sox fans (the same ones who fawn over him now) wanted to run Lester out of town last year (“OH NOES!!11 He is teh walking two many batters this season-hell never be good!!!111 trade him for Derel Lowe!!”). Thank God, Theo and co. never wavered from their scouting report; and gave a pitcher who had excellent stuff and fantastic minor league peripherals (sound familiar?) time to adjust to the big leagues when he didn’t come out of the gate blazing.

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