MLB vs. Mother Nature
October 28th, 2008 by czar

MLB was stupid to try to play the game last night!  All the weather people said rain!

MLB was not stupid.  There was still significant confusion as to the onset of the precipitation shield last evening. Example: the NGM model did not indicate significant rainfall until well after midnight EST. Yeah, the armchair meteorologist can sit at home and say “I saw the “DOPPLER 8000 FORECAST and they had all this green all over the northeast US on “Monday night”" but I’m assuming MLB was provided with *slighty* more hi-resolution forecasts and nowcasts for the region.

The forecast was especially tricky for last night; and again this evening. If MLB postponed the game last night at say, 4 PM, there was no reason to be that tonight would be any better for a game. And if THAT (tonight) is postponed, then you are pushing back games in the Tampa area since you still have to play another game in Philly before going back south; continuing to mess with fans, their schedules, and FOX (not that I feel any sympathy towards FOX regarding baseball ever).

From what it sounds like; Bud Selig explained the situation to the managers and umpires beforehand. The rains came, the game was suspended. Oh well, shit happens. It wasn’t raining and baseball took a chance they could get the game in last night so that they wouldn’t have to screw up the games for the rest of the series, the flights, the hotels, the fans who worked their schedules to get to games, the networks, the advertisers, etc.

I am not a Bud Selig fan by any stretch. But given the weather models, I would have done the same thing last night. There was a chance he could get the game in without having to adjust everyone else’s lives. It didn’t pan out. But had he not tried to play the game; and then it DIDN’T rain until midnight; everyone would be up in arms.

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