Red Sox fans and bench construction…
October 20th, 2008 by czar

The one gripe I have about many Sox fans is their wholly unreasonable expectations for the bench production. For example, Mirabelli was reviled while in Boston for his low batting average. However; his defense and ability to hit for power made him one of the top backups in the game (to the point he suckered SD into thinking he was a full-time starter).

I’m all for retooling; and I agree– I’d like to see some pop on the bench; but I’m curious as to what people expect to get for the bench. Aubrey Huff will not be content with a bench/super-sub role; for example.

It’s interesting; major league teams tend to look to the same bench guys year after year (the Alex Cora’s of the world) justifying their signings on the fact that A) they have experienced being once a week players and B) they don’t have unreasonable starting demands. I’m of the belief that you have a much better shot at acquiring cheap and solid talent, merely by scouring the minor league FA wire. Too often guys with good MLE’s are stuck rotting in AAA because they are too old to be considered legit prospects, and therefore; their team has no room on the blig league roster for them; but their experience and talent (even if their ceiling is low) could be more than useful in a part-time role (exhibit Roberto Petagine, who I think would have made a fantastic bench player, but for some reason, didn’t get a fair shake with the Sox or Mariners).

The entire Red Sox bench, if you count Crisp and Lowrie as bench players, hit 16 HR.  7 if you exclude Crisp and Lowrie. That does not get it done.

I conceded the point that we needed bench power in my opening statement. I’m not arguing to keep this bench, either; as I see Cora, Casey, and Cash all easily expendable if the Sox desire to go that route.

It’s just that every year we have this same argument. Every year it’s “the bench sucks, we need to blow it up and rebuild it.” Bench’s aren’t supposed to have guys who would hit 30+ HR and .300+ in regular playing time. If that’s the case; they wouldn’t be bench players.

I don’t like this bench either; but I’m also not delusionally holding out hope we’ll have an Aubrey Huff type sitting on the end, patiently waiting for Terry to tell him that he’s coming in the PH.

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