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August 11th, 2008 by czar

I’d much rather take a chance with Zink than hand the ball every fifth day to a guy [Buchholz] who is in over his head this year.

What makes you think Zink would fare any better? Buchholz bested the alternatives when he was in AAA, so there’s no reason to think that any of them are significant upgrades over him once you consider a standardized stat (in this case I’ve been using FIP).

For example, Buchholz FIP in AAA (3.43) and MLB (4.65) both indicate he has peripherally outpitched Zink (3.70 in AAA alone) this season.

In the last 5 starts, guys have hit .324 off of him (with a .986 OPS), so they are crushing the ball (as Jim Thome showed yesterday).

Both of which are driven by BABIP at their core and his BABIP since his callup is over .370 (unsustainable).

Send him back to AAA- we can’t afford to experiment with him the rest of this year in the hopes he puts it all together.

Colon is only the pitcher I’d consider swapping him for, since he’s a veteran who we’ve seen at the big league level this season, and thanks to his oblique, that’s still a couple weeks away. You say that the Sox “can’t afford to experiment,” yet you suggest putting Zink (a career minor leaguer with zero major league experience) into the heat of the pennant race in arguably the biggest baseball city in America. The stats show that that would likely end up as a lateral move at best, and that is not considering the situation Zink would be baptized in.

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