Hansack or Zink to replace Wakefield?
August 11th, 2008 by czar

I expect to see Pauley or Zink (last I heard he was doing good) to get a start [for Wakefield] and than hand the reigns over to Colon.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see Masterson revert back to a starter thanks to a poor season by Buchholz.  This team is really hurting without a 4th and 5th starter. I don’t think we’ll see Bowden until September.

There is zero chance the Red Sox will toy with Masterson again this season and re-stretch him into a starter. In fact, I’m not wholly unconvinced the Sox hope to groom Masterson as a shut down setup guy long-term, given the scouting reports on him over the last few years (people forget he was projected to be a fringe starter with above-average pen stuff until his run at Portland last year).

Bowden is pitching for the PawSox this afternoon so he is out. Hansack makes the most sense since Zink’s turn was Friday meaning he’s have to turn around on three days rest. Ironically, their peripherals are very similar this season (Zink’s low ERA buoyed by a lower BABIP, their FIP are 3.70 and 3.73 respectively) with Hansack getting the slight edge in K rate while Zink has been a bit better keeping the ball in the park. BB rate, WHIP, strand rate– all are nearly identical between the two. Unless there is some hidden benefit to calling up a knuckleballer to replace a knuckleballer, I’d expect Hansack to get the nod purely because of how easily he slots into the rotation with respect to rest.

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