On the “pink hat” phenomenon…
June 26th, 2008 by czar

“Pink hats drive some Sox fans batty”

I think what annoys me out if this is that these know-nothing fans are there to be seen because it is ‘cool’ to be at Fenway, getting drunk, and missing half the game. Meanwhile, true fans of baseball are sitting at home, unable to score tickets because this types have filled the park.

It’s not “pink isn’t a true Red Sox color” or “if you’re a real fan, you wouldn’t try and make a fashion statement…”

The people I associate with the term “pink hat” are the gals (and guys) who will show up at Fenway because it’s now the chic thing to do. They’re the fans that will proudly proclaim “I heart the Sox!” because they’re ex’s new girlfriend is from the Bronx or because it might help that cute guy at the bar notice them. They’re the type that have no clue what’s going on when they are at Fenway and are completely oblivious to even the most basic aspects of a baseball game.

The “fashion” factor of the Sox has increased by leaps and bounds now that they are “winners” and are receiving ridiculous playtime in the national media. This in inevitably going to bring on fans who flock to the bandwagon.

Also, having a stray thread attached to this argument, I would like to point out that it’s hard for Sox fans to see from the other side of the fence too– I’m a Fins fan by trade, and one of the most annoying things about living in New England is all my friends (male and female) who didn’t give a crap about football until the last few years will now endlessly nag me about my teams sucktitude (the sucktitude is well-deserved) because suddenly it’s “cool” for them to become Patriot fans. It’s these fans I find are the most arrogant and obnoxious– not the long-time fans of a team. But, yes, in Red Sox Nation, the entitlement and arrogance has definitely shot up since 2004.

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