Did the Sox blow it with Schilling?
June 24th, 2008 by czar

The approach that the Sox took was recognized as a gamble from the beginning. Nobody said it was guaranteed to work. Only that surgery was all but guaranteed to keep Schilling out for most of the year – and so the arm strengthening program was worth a shot.

From Edes on 2/8/08…

Dr. Craig Morgan, who performed surgery on Schilling’s right shoulder twice, in 1995 and a cleanup procedure in 1999, believes that the treatment prescribed by the Sox has no chance of succeeding, that the degeneration in Schilling’s biceps tendon is irreversible and requires surgery if Schilling is to have any chance of pitching this season. With surgery to address the disease in Schilling’s tendon, Morgan contends, Schilling could be pitching again by the All-Star break.

A prescribed course of rest and rehabilitation, beginning with the cortisone shot, is doomed to fail, Morgan said, and is wasting precious time in which Schilling could be recovering from the surgery Morgan recommends.

“If (the Sox plan) was successful, I think it would be the greatest thing known to man,” Morgan said in a phone conversation this morning. “But unfortunately that’s not the case. That’s like wishing for the best-case scenario. Wishing isn’t going to make it happen.”

There were other doctors that said if all went according to plan that he would likely come back sooner from conservative rehab than surgery– however, considering this wasn’t full blown rotator cuff surgery, most links from February said if he had the surgery done at the beginning of Feb, he could have pitched again this season (if again, it was repairing the damage to the bicep, which sounds like it has been done).

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