Julio Lugo bashing bandwagon…
April 9th, 2008 by czar

Julio Lugo sucks.

Do we honestly have to have a reactionary thread for XXXX players after one week during the regular season?

Ortiz is hitting .115 and looks fat.
Lowell is hitting .214 (and worse with runners on) and making Theo look like an idiot for extending him.
Jacoby is hitting around the Mendoza line. We should have dealt him when we could have.

Lugo hit .280 the second half of last season. Don’t give me this “he’s been awful since April 1st, 2007 garbage.” Wake me up in two months if he’s mired in some epic 1 for 31 slide. Until then, lock this and the Jed Lowrie wet dreams down for a little while.

Doesn’t matter, didn’t you see that error he made the other day?

God, this is so knee-jerk it pisses me off. For those of you saying “He’s been garbage since Opening Day last year!” go back and check out his stats in July/August/Sept. Yeah, they aren’t mindblowing, but he hit over .280 with improved peripherals.

No Jed Lowrie, and no Alex Cora in April. Wake me up in July if he’s still hitting .220.

That or I’m starting a “David Ortiz sucks” thread.

Why can’t we discuss this? Julio Lugo is awful!

My point is this; Julio Lugo absolutely sucked to start last season. I don’t think anyone on the board can even fathom disagreeing about that. However, he did pick it up after the all-star break to a productive SS level. Now, my argument is that he trended better at the end of last season, and we should wait more than one week (a timeframe stricken with SSS syndrome– just ask David “I’m hitting .115″ Ortiz) to start a thread wondering if it’s time for Lowrie.

If he had hit .200 for the entire season, yeah, I’d be worried about him– but the point of the matter is this; he struggled in his first half a season in a new environment, new city, and with new responsibilities. It looked like he was starting to come around (even if ever so slightly) at the end of the season. In my mind, that warrants a leash that’s longer than a week (or even a month or two) in 2008.

Contrary to popular belief the Sox don’t have anyone waiting in the wings either– Cora is just not an option, and Lowrie tanked in September 2007, was bad in ST, and has gotten off to an even worse start at Pawtucket than Lugo has here. Sure, if the Red Sox had Hanley Ramirez (Not a shot at Theo– I was for the Beckett trade then, and still am) could we consider a move in the next month or so? Sure. But we don’t– we have a guy with a questionable arm at SS and whose offense is at best a Dustin Pedroia clone, (but not even sniffing that ceiling yet.)

People keep saying, “if he continues to struggle.” Well yeah, every one of my posts has said “wake me up in June.” I’ll being worrying when he goes on another epic 0fer like last year. Until then, I’m willing to give Lugo the leash considering A) We’re one week into the season, B) He was half-productive at the end of 2007 and C) We don’t have any internal options to replace him that are currently reasonable.

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