Coco to Oakland?
January 30th, 2008 by czar

Do you think Oakland could be a landing spot for Coco Crisp? 

Why would Oakland– which is pretty close to “blow it up” mode (after dealing Haren and listening to offers for Street and Blanton)– want a 28 year old CF with two years left on his deal (and an option at $8 million for a 3rd) when they clearly don’t plan on competing for at least a couple years. Why wouldn’t they just develop some homegrown talent at MLB minimum instead of trading away pieces for a guy who would just tie up salary on a rebuilding team, and who wouldn’t be in the long-term plans?

I know you are trying to play the “Oakland can trade him later” card, but this is a totally different situation from Gagne. The Rangers hadn’t punted, and they were also just paying cash (and not a ton of it) to a guy who they knew was no more than one year filler. Not to mention the Texas financial resources >> Oakland. All in all, I can’t see any way Crisp ends up in Oakland unless Beane gets him for free.

But Crisp could be very cheap (in terms of talent and cost) upgrade at CF.  They could either extend him for cheap or they could always just flip him in the middle of the season if they wanted.  Oakland can afford to give a high-upside arm that won’t help them for a while for Crisp if they wanted.

By Red Sox standards, Coco would be a cheap upgrade over AAA filler. By the A’s standards, they’re paying millions of dollars (Crisp’s salary) for what? A win or two which might keep them from being double digits back in the west?

Extend him for cheap? He is at $4.75 this year, $5.75 next year, and has an $8 million option for 2010. Resigning him at that cost is high for the A’s– if Crisp actually bounces back, in this market, he’s definitely going to top $5-6 million per.

Wait, now we’re pulling in a “decent” arm? I thought he wasn’t going to fetch much. By not fetching much, I assumed you meant AAA filler, not top 5 organizational pitching prospects. So the A’s know they can’t compete for two years. Explain to me again why trading an arm that could help them down the road (when they might have a team that can compete again) is favored because you get Coco Crisp, a guy who you would be paying solely to bring you a couple wins closer to .500 for 2-3 years, at which point he’ll likely go off an be a FA (which would coincide when you hope the rebuilding efforts are bearing fruit). Even if you want to argue that the Sox wouldn’t get a young arm in return, but an older veteran, the A’s appear to have no one of talent or use to the Sox whose contract would preclude them from being on the A’s in 2010.

The more I think about this, the less and less it makes any semblance of sense for the Oakland A’s. Crisp would become their second highest paid player (behind Chavez). Why on Earth would a team that’s busy shedding salary, want to take on a CF that would cost more than their current entire outfield combined?

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