Santana to the Mets, not the Sox or the Yankees
January 29th, 2008 by czar

Per Rotoworld.

USA Today reports the Mets have landed Johan Santana from the Twins for Carlos Gomez, Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey and Philip Humber

While the Mets acquiring him is definitely a 1-B scenario, no one can deny that having him on the Sox, while keeping Buchholz, Lester, or possibly both (along with Daisuke and Beckett) would have probably given us the best rotation in baseball for the next five years. I know the fan love for Ellsbury (and Lester) is maddening, but these kind of pitchers come on the market once in a blue moon. Interestingly, the Mets offer reported doesn’t strike me as better than either an Ellsbury or Lester package, or even some of the Yankee packages that were supposedly thrown around during the winter meetings. I would have been quite alright with a Lester/Masterson/Crisp package going the other way, even if it meant shelling out $20-25 million a year for Santana.

However, that said, he leaves the American League (pending a contract extension) which was absolutely the next best scenario aside from him being in a Sox uniform next year. Now let’s hope Coco/Ellsbury can net us a fair haul, since we don’t have this “Are the Twins going to take one of them” hanging over our heads, and we’ll be set to roll in spring training.

This is the best outcome possible from a Boston point of view.

I don’t understand how this can be the best possible outcome. Wouldn’t the best possible outcome be the Red Sox having a rotation of Santana/Beckett/Daisuke/XXX for the next 6-7 years? How can people say “Oh thank God he’s not going to the Yankees” but say “we don’t want to give up talent for him to be on the Sox.” If this is true, shouldn’t we WANT the Yankees to get him because the talent they’d give up >> Santana (the inequality that people are applying to Santana and the Sox)?

Don’t get me wrong, like I said in the other thread in RSoTF, this is easily the 1-B scenario. But guys with a 6 year ERA+ average which reaches 155 don’t come along every day. Putting $$ aside, if Ellsbury/Lester combine for that type of production over the next 6 years, I’d pretty much cream myself.

It’s the best possible outcome because we’re will be holding onto highly touted, cost-controlled prospects, most of whom have above-average major-leaguer potential, and we can spend the $120-140 million we would have spent on Santana on a slugging young outfielder to replace Manny when that time comes.

The money I can see being a valid argument. Saving that $140 million could come in handy down the road especially considering Manny and Tek are on their way out. But that’s just it– Manny and Tek are on their way out, which will save us almost $30 million a year after those are off the books. Now of course, escalating arbitration salaries down the road for Youkilis, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Papelbon, etc. must be considered as well, so the financial ramifications of NOT doing a Johan Santana deal definitely play a huge role. However, lest we forget that a few months ago, everyone was willing to dump $30 million/year into a certain blue lipped 3B who didn’t have nearly the year to year track record of Johan Santana.

However, it seems clear that the fact that “we’re keeping all the prospects!” seems to be an equal if not bigger reason for “Sox fans to be happy about Santana to NY.” (My note: This isn’t directed at you MALC, or for that matter anyone in particular. It’s kind of a subtle overtone I am picking up in some threads here, at SoSH, and amongst other Sox fans) Money aside, Santana >> Lester/Masterson/Lowrie or Ellsbury/Bowden/Kalish or pretty much any package the Sox were supposedly “offering.” I’m fairly indifferent to him going to the NL, but for fans to claim that this was “great news for Boston” that arguably the best pitcher for the last half decade, who is still two years away from turning 30, is not coming to Boston still seems a little odd to me. Yes we saved money and Theo will have nearly a decade to make it (plus who we keep) work, but this isn’t like we dodged trading the farm for Mike Hampton here.

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