A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod…
November 2nd, 2007 by czar

The Sox don’t need to worry about the luxury tax when it comes to signing A-Rod– they have more than enough money coming off the books this year and next!

Because even if they are under it next year, that doesn’t mean they won’t be under on years 2-10.

At some point during this contract, salaries escalate– Papelbon, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Youkilis won’t be $300,000 anymore. People will be clamoring to extend Beckett, sign Santana, etc. The Sox payroll will go up.

Tying up $30+ million in a guy who’ll be 33 in the first year of his contract (who everyone on this board has labelled “TEH POSTSEASON CHOKEZOR!!!1111″) for more than 6 years just flat out does not make fiscal sense to me.

Yes, but even MORE money is coming off the books in those years (the arb years for the young guys), and the luxury tax will continue to rise. Don’t worry, we’ll have the money.

But my point is we won’t keep accruing space under the luxury tax because “money coming off the books” is counteracting by significant increases in arb salaries as well as future FA signings to replace people who depart (Manny, Tek, etc.)

Just because Manny’s $20 million goes away in a couple years, doesn’t mean the Sox will replace him with a $300,000 minor leaguer or Bobby Kielty.

The fact that the best player in baseball (A-Rod) is a free agent is a bonus from a contract that was signed during less fruitful times.

Yeah, and Texas thought EXACTLY the same way when they signed A-Rod to a 10/250 seven years ago. And then there was a market correction. And now they wish they had invested half the money to develop a time machine (not just to not sign A-Rod, but to work on the utter ineptitude of that franchise over the last fifteen years). Projecting the status quo for 10 years is a risky proposition.

Who doesn’t want A-Rod, he will win us 10 more games next year!

Unless we’re replacing Lowell with a replacement level 3B; no he won’t.


Lowell: 6.3 WARP
A-Rod: 5.2 WARP


Lowell: 7.0 WARP
A-Rod: 11.0 WARP

Don’t construe this as me clamoring for Lowell– but A-Rod is not worth an additional 10 wins to this team.

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