Piazza’s not worth it, Teixeira is now a pipedream, who Dye-d?
July 28th, 2007 by czar

There have been a lot of trade rumors swirling around Mike Piazza for some reason. People projecting him in a RH C/1B/DH/PH pinch-hitting role. Here’s the issue. Piazza’s return was actually hastened (after originally being delayed for the sole purpose of getting his shoulder to function again) because he was quoted as saying “his shoulder conks out after 10-15 throws.” During a bullpen session. So the A’s decided, “Alright, screw that, let’s just bring him up as a DH and see if Cust can fall into a couple balls while running in circles in RF.”

He’d be a great RHH off the bench, but aside from the strikeouts, he’d rival WMP in RH power and top him in roster inflexibility. I can’t see Theo making a huge push for him, even though I do like his bat.

Rosenthal chimed in with this bit earlier today. If it’s even remotely true, it puts the Teixeira rumors to bed, though I haven’t heard anything out of Atlanta or Texas since.

The Braves, major-league sources say, have made the Rangers a whopper of an offer for first baseman Mark Teixeira.
The Rangers evidently would receive three highly regarded young players — catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Class AA left-hander Matt Harrison and Class A shortstop Elvis Andrus — while sending the Braves only Teixeira.

And lastly, just before posting time, late report this evening brought to us also (and again) courtesy of Ken “I’m the new motherf***ing Peter Gammons” Rosenthal:

The Red Sox had a three-way deal in place to acquire White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye earlier this week, but the trade fell through because of an unspecified issue with a player from the third club, according to an industry source.

Dye, who is a free agent at the end of the season, was willing to consider waiving his limited no-trade protection to join the Red Sox in exchange for guarantees about playing time and incentive bonuses, the source said.

The Sox told Dye that they were prepared to play him five days a week. It is unclear how they would have created the playing time, considering that they are set in all three outfield positions and the DH spot.

Very interesting if true. Could signal one of two things. The FO is willing to bench Drew for a good portion of the second half or they have a deal in place moving Coco (or less likely, Manny). I take this rumor with a grain of salt, though I do think Dye would be a better bet than Drew in the #5 hole for the remainder of 2007. The real question is how much bruising would Drew’s ego take if he were to be sat three or four games a week, and would he be able to bounce back with three years providing anything remotely close to his price tag?

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