Is Mike Timlin back?
July 11th, 2007 by czar

Quite shockingly, the former relief ace known simply as “gasoline on a bonfire” has put up reasonably impressive numbers.  Over his last six appearences (spanning June 26th to July 8th) he has a put up a line of 9 IP, 0 ER, only 3 H and 2 BB which leads to a shockingly low 0.56 WHIP.  Small sample size mirage or harbinger of things to come.

Well for starters, let’s make it clear that Timlin has still only whiffed one batter over that stretch.  Having a 1 K/9 ratio usually isn’t fantastic for a guy trying to survive in the backend of a bullpen who is on the wrong side of forty.  That said, a closer look into some of his peripherals reveal some startling trends.

For starters (and most glaring) is the fact that over the last six game stretch his BABIP is a wholly unmanageable .220.  This isn’t completely shocking, considering his low WHIP, but merely serves to further underscore the need for more strikeouts (and preferably less walks).  Of alarm is also his 0.87 G/F ratio in 2007, which is actually worse during his last 9 IP (.71 G/F).

Long term downward trends in key peripherals also continue to give confirmation to the notion that Timlin’s better days are far behind him.  Both K/9 and K/BB rates have plummeted the last four years running, along with key increases in hits, walks, (and accordingly WHIP) as well as HR/9 (paralleling his decreasing G/F ratio).

Mike Timlin has been playing with fire for the last two years, and unless he cut a deal with the devil, he seems likely regress to the same guy who drives a fuel tanker into a fireworks factory.

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