Dunn in RF? Bench Crisp? JD Drew?
July 10th, 2007 by czar

Is Adam Dunn really that bad defensively in the OF?


He is on pace for -20 FRAA, -9 FRAR in 2007, with a 92 Rate stat this year.

For those trumpeting benching Crisp, moving Drew to CF and Dunn in RF– Dunn hasn’t played RF since 2003 and was well below replacement level (not just average, replacement level) defensively there.

In fact, Coco Crisp’s 2007 WARP (across the board; 1, 2, and 3) are all higher than Adam Dunn, which show that so far, defensive and offensive metrics considered, Coco Crisp has actually been a better player than Adam Dunn in 2007.

If he costs any serious prospects to be our starting RF, I’d say no– I think I’d rather give WMP a full-time gig in RF than ever give up a package like Ellsbury/Lester for Dunn to play the OF on a regular basis (and no, some idiotic package of WMP + Moss + Hansen is NOT going to get it done).

The only way the Sox should consider dealing for Dunn is if we could stick him at 1B (preferably moving Lowell) where he hasn’t been terrible defensively in his career (about replacement level). However, he’s only been in the field for about 120 outs since 2002 at 1B so beware SSS. Even then, I’d be weary of the cost.

On JD Drew:

Drew’s WPA over the Tiger series was brutal (-.044, -.255, -.179), however before this weekend his season total was actually better than Manny Ramirez (indicating that he actually contributed slightly more to the Sox, situations considered, than Manny).

While his 4 year decline in OBP and IsoP are concerning, he had been trending significantly upward over the last month or so– it was an unfortunate three-game stretch, but he had been performing much better immediately prior to this past weekend.

We can upgrade the offense by benching Coco and calling up Ellsbury to start in CF!

Why on Earth would we bench a guy who is hitting like .340 in the last twenty games or so? Ellsbury looked good when he was up here, I’ll give you that, but there is no chance that at his current point in his development is he a better hitter than Coco has been over the last 3-4 weeks.

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Posted By: jim penson on July 13th, 2007at 11:30 am

How about this idea.Bring up Ellsbury.Trade
Crisp and whoever to the Rangers for Textiera.
move Youklis to third;Lowell is a free agent
the end of the year(meantime play Youklis
in right at third at first or wherever),and
find somebody to replace Pena as the backup
in right field.Jim Penson

Posted By: czar on July 14th, 2007at 10:31 am

I don’t think Ellsbury is ready in 2007 to be the full-time CF on a playoff team, and I also think Texas is looking for young, cheap players in return for Big Tex– mainly Lester/Bowden/Ellsbury types (assuming Buchholz is off the table).

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