Bailey’s callup and dealing Wily Mo…
July 6th, 2007 by czar

Jeff Bailey sucks. The Sox are stupid for calling him up. I’d rather see them take their chances with Hinske vs. the Tigers and call up Breslow or keep Ellsbury!

He clearly wasn’t called up to be a long-term fixture; there is zero chance of them (the Sox) going with 11 pitchers post ASB.

I mean, you don’t have to be a fan of this move, but he’s a righty up for 3 days to face two lefties instead of Hinske (who as JVBF pointed out, is subpar at best versus southpaws) while Youk nurses a sore quad.

This move is essentially on a non-issue. I saw it before and didn’t post because I didn’t think it merited a thread– there is no way that this move speaks anything about the Sox views of the guys in Boston or the minors. It’s a filler move, nothing more, and hell, if it gives Youk a rest and keeps Hinske on the bench against Andrew Miller, I’m all for it.

I just am unhappy that we’re going into a series at the team with the best offense in baseball and we’re starting Jeff Bailey twice.

I mean… if you’re not going to play Hinske, your other magical option is? Play WMP at first base? Cora? Again, starting Jeff Bailey twice during the course of a 162 game season is a non-issue.

Trading WMP for Nady makes zero sense. I think WMP has to be moved at some point, but this is NOT the right move.

Care to elaborate WHY it makes zero sense, instead of just iterating that it’s not the right move with no justification?

Nady represents a defensive upgrade over WMP as a 4th OF. He can also play 1B, which means we won’t have to endure Hinske everytime Youkilis or Lowell needs a day off. As for offense, Nady has also hits better than WMP (over the course of they’re careers, not just in 2007) and draws more walks, while his SLG and OPS #’s have increased every single year he has been in the big leagues. The last 3 years he has been an above average player (by OPS+) and is still only 28.

I can’t see how this rumor makes ZERO sense, unless you are one of those people that is overvaluing a 4th OF who is out of options and whom the Red Sox have shown to have no faith in defensively not to mention that he is hitting .212/.282/.363 in 113 AB in 2007, with a career line of .257/.312/.469. WMP is not going to net us the Scott Linebrinks of the world, as much as we wish he could. The best you could hope for is some GM pegs him for 30-40 HR with much better plate discipline in a full-time role and gives you something of mild value for him– that said, right now, he’s not worth a lot, and without options and playing time, that doesn’t look to change anytime soon.

So if we moved WMP for Nady, doesn’t that essentially mean we traded Arroyo for Nady. Doesn’t sound like a trade the front office would make.

The trade for Arroyo is done and over with; he is, in essense, a sunk cost.

Whether or not “Arroyo for Nady” is logical or otherwise worth is completely irrelevant. The only question is whether the FO thinks moving WMP for player X is a good move for the club now.

The front office needs to just suck it up and deal WMP. They should be ashamed at how they handled him and for wasting his talent. I feel terrible for Pena, knowing he is rotting on the bench after the front office told him he’d get more playing time. It’s the front office’s fault his value is so low and they aren’t doing him any justice by keeping him.

Last I checked, it’s not the FO’s fault WMP has put up a .212/.282/.363/.645. If it was SOLELY the FO’s fault for WMP lacking in trade value, wouldn’t that mean every other GM in baseball would be chomping at the bit to get the underrated superstar in the making? Why aren’t we getting bowled over with offers if people realize that it’s merely the FO’s lack of playing him full-time that is keeping WMP from smashing 50 HR?

C’mon now, the Red Sox didn’t do any favors by signing Drew when RF was open, but to claim Theo and Co. are the sole reason behind WMP being glued to the bench and therefore not being looked at favorably by the GMs around baseball is ludicrous.

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