Will the Sox look at Gagne?
June 30th, 2007 by czar

Regarding trading Gagne to the Red Sox, you know Boras would tell him pitching in the postseason will make him just as visible and still a very viable FA closer option for next year.

Doubt it. Boras wants Gagne to close– even if it’s for a mediocre team or one that misses the playoffs.

Of course, Boras doesn’t control the trade, so if Texas says its Boston or nothing and Gagne doesn’t want to stay in Arlington, maybe, but if Boras knows the Rangers will move him somewhere to be a closer if he vetoes Boston, he’ll do it.

Pitching 8th inning for Boston in the second half and in the playoffs, would certainly put Gagne on the big stage which may be just as productive for selling Gagne on the free agent market as him closing games for a mediocre team.

This logic doesn’t explain why pitchers like Benitez and Mesa etc. continued to get closing gigs even though the league was littered with dominant 8th inning guys. General managers like to see the numbers in the ninth. Maybe Gagne’s name and history will mean it won’t matter, but if Boras has the choice between Gagne closing for a playoff borderline team, or being the 7th/8th inning guy for Boston, he’ll definitely pick the closing situation– I can almost guarantee it. The fact that the Red Sox are on a no-trade list further compounds the problem.

Like I said, if the choice for Gagne is Red Sox or bust, he might choose Red Sox– but if it’s something like closing for the Cubs or setting up for the Red Sox, I can’t see why he wouldn’t choose Cubs. You get closing exposure, and a bigger slice of the coverage if you get your team to the postseason.

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