Julio Lugo (and the OC), Pineiro, clearing waivers
June 28th, 2007 by czar

Wah, wah, wah. I’m whining because the Sox got rid of my boy Orlando Cabrera after 2004. He’d be a much better fit for this team now. Theo’s stupid.

We didn’t keep O-Cab, but God, I can’t get past the fact that… hindsight is always 20/20.

If either of the two FA signings hadn’t incredibly tanked in Boston (and Renteria should have been given another year) we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

O-Cab is on average, only worth like 5 BRAR and -1 or -2 FRAR– he’s not a guy a World Series team wants to lock up long term if it has the financial resources to do better.

Move on, we’re stuck with Lugo, I’m sick of hearing “wah wah Orlando Cabrera!” every time a SS slumps here. I know for a fact had Cabrera been hitting .260 here in his first year of a four year deal back in ’05 everyone would have been having strokes screaming about how dumb Theo was for signing a below-average guy at SS. It was 100% the right move at the time and even if it wasn’t, 95% of people in RSN supported the Renteria signing.

(FWIW, most cumulative (batting and fielding) metrics have O-Cab’s 2006 as better than Alex Gonzalez 2006– too bad that both were right at or just below league averages)

One angle you’re forgetting is how many teams would salivate at the chance to have the Red Sox pay them to have Lugo play off their bench. Let’s face it, that’s what he is perfect for right now. He’s still got the speed on the basebaths and plays well enough defense to be the perfect late inning pinch running replacement. Actually, the Red Sox could use one of them right now. Too bad he’s already their starting SS.

I think you hit the nail on the head without even really meaning to…

Why on Earth would the Sox move Lugo for absolutely nothing and pay most of his salary, when they could put him on the bench. If you want to change at SS, fine, but if moving Lugo would require paying like $7 million/year and getting some scrub A-baller in return, why on Earth wouldn’t the Sox just keep him to be a pair of legs and a glove off the bench?

So, Lugo is most certainly not going anywhere hitting like this. Unless some GM is really stupid that is.

I don’t think that Pineiro has much, if any, trade value. I could see him being DFA’d due to how little he’s used. My question is this: Do the Sox just pay his base salary, or does he get some portion of his incentives if he’s DFA’d? I have no idea how that would work.

$4 million guarenteed, $2 million in incentives, mostly based on GF. Also a player option kicked in if he finished 35 games.

If the Sox released him, they are only responsible for his base salary, not any pro-rated incentive money or incentive money if he reaches them on another team.

They could likely find a trade partner for him without having to eat cash. He is only owed about $2 million guarenteed over the remained of the season and its highly unlikely he’ll somehow close 35 games to kick in his player option.

… for example, if he wanted some more time to evaluate Lowell, towards the end of July, you know guys like Helton and Chipper Jones, Tejada, etc. will clear waivers because of their big contracts.

I seriously doubt Miguel Tejada or Chipper Jones would clear waivers if people saw they were on there. I mean, you could make the argument that they’d slip through because EVERYONE was being put on waivers, but I can think of 4 or 5 teams that if they saw Tejada or Jones on the WW, would claim them.

Helton yeah, but you know guys like Jones and Tejada will get pulled back if you claim them, so why not? And if they DON’T get pulled back, you get the player for free– which in Tejada and Jones case, is an above average positional player for roughly market cost (though Chipper is DL-prone, when healthy, he’s worth $10 million in this market)

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