Lugo vs. Cora, Rosie hosting The Price is Right?
June 27th, 2007 by czar

I can’t stand how Cora keeps getting PT over Lugo.  Terry needs to stop playing “THE SMARTEST PLAYER IN BASEBALL!” and put in Lugo!  This obsession with “his boys” is ridiculous.

I’m not sold on the fact that it’s Terry playing his favorite player here. Terry platooned Cora with Pedroia when Cora was hot and Pedroia was cold. I know some disagree greatly with the way he handled it, but many people think Terry did a fine job. I’m not sure if there was a better outcome possible–

Now, as for Julio he has continued to get Lugo at bats, even though Lugo is 0 for June or whatever he is at now. Just recently he did make the comment that he might be giving Cora some more playing time to give Lugo a little time off. I think you’re inferring that Terry is going to make Cora the starter for the remainder of the season or something ridiculous like that, which I believe is far from the case. I’m all for continuing to get Lugo at bats because unlike some people around here, I don’t just make up some MVP Baseball trade that’ll get him off the roster and we’re stuck with him come hell or high water. However, I have no qualms about him platooning for a couple weeks to get his act together. Everyone keeps trumpeting this “If he doesn’t play, he’ll never improve!” spiel, but sometimes, hitters just need a little time off– maybe spend more time in the cage before games and take a little pressure of the slump off. Focus on the little things, and not prepping to play in a game every night. Get him out of the lineup for a few days to keep those stats from continuing to plummet.

As for adjustments, when I played ball my senior year in high school, I changed a lot of things with my swing after a couple weeks of average, but not spectacular hitting. It just made things worse. I went into a tailspin until I just reverted back to my old crappy form and went back to being my 7th in the order self. The new stance was much more conducive to hitting better, I just needed like two weeks in season to make the adjustment, and I couldn’t handle two weeks of batting .100. The point of that rambling anecdote was that maybe Lugo COULD use a week or two off– work with Magadan on some things– watch some old video. See what’s changed from his TB days. Take the time to make the adjustments right, while he’s not being scrutinized by fans across New England.

The PH thing was stupid today, and I agree it should have been Hinske– however, the fact that Lugo seemed angry kind of irked me– it’s good that he showed a bit of fire, but he needs to realize that he’s hitting .194 or whatever for the season.

If anything, Terry has shown more patience with Lugo than if he was a 1B and we still had Millar on this team. Maybe you’ll have more backers if in three weeks Alex Cora has played 95% of the games and is hitting .200– but until then platooning two terrible hitters is not a problem, and is not going throw Lugo any further into a funk than he is currently in.

My apologies for the rambling– I kinda had like ten thoughts at once there and I’m too lazy to clean it back up…

EDIT: Some grammar. I’m not even drunk tonight. This is bad.

Things that would qualify as the “Worst Thing in the World”

1. Rosie O’Donnell taking over the Price is Right.
2. A truck full of puppies driving off a bridge.
3. Paris Hilton releasing a Beatles cover album. “Let It Be… Fabulous
4. Calling up Jed Lowrie after 66 G at AA, none at AAA.
5. Ham and Egg flavored “Breakfast Ice Cream”

Agree 1000% on subpoint 1.  Oh.  We’re talking about 4.  That too.

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